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We believe that the best workplaces are hubs of creativity and interaction. We provide a suite of individual, leadership and organizational training programs to help your company build brand trust and engagement with your employees, while empowering them to deliver on your strategic objectives and drive business growth.
With years of experience at corporate and community events, we can help you transform your workplace into a center of creativity, productivity and profit.
It’s impossible to be a leader if no one is ready to follow. So whether you’re a first time supervisor or a seasoned manager, our training curriculum is designed to motivate, engage and inspire, building alignment and driving execution.

Together we can

– Assess your current employee experience, guiding decisions about adding or cutting personnel and gauging the competitiveness of your compensation versus industry standards.

– Evaluate the current state of your management effectiveness and how to engage employees so that everyone can succeed.

– Develop a framework for accountability, including allocating and adjusting responsibility across all levels of management.

Rock Career Development’s founder, Julia Rock, has been featured by TEDx and has led meetings in boardrooms across the globe. We embrace leadership by example. We believe employers and employees can work together to create a professional environment to the benefit of all.

Our speaking services are the spark that ignites the furnace of productivity and profitability at your firm, resulting in reinvigorated and transformed workplaces of growth and success.

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Career Navigation & Advancement

Career Transitions

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Professional Development

  • Canteen Women's Leadership Event

    July 17, 2024  10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Philadelphia, PA, USA

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  • Worthy of Your Call: Career Advancement & Networking Event

    July 20, 2024  1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
    Houston, TX, USA

    Speaking Request: Career Panelist

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