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Julia Rock is the Founder and CEO of Rock Career Development.

She is a dynamic powerhouse with years of experience in delivering corporate and community presentations, who will not only captivate and engage your audience, but also spurs them to action.

I’ve been working in Finance and helping others achieve their career goals since 2007 and I’m passionate about increasing Black and POC leadership in the workforce. Especially since Black people are 12% of the US population but only 3.2% of senior leadership roles in corporations. And this is NOT because we are less skilled or talented.

I’m no HR professional. I’m someone who has climbed the corporate ladder, been in in recruiting, made hiring decisions, and I’ve seen what works before AND after you get the job.

In my career, I’ve seen too many talented people be blocked from their success simply because they were kept ignorant and lacked support.

I want to give you and your organization the knowledge and tools needed to truly succeed.

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We provide a suite of individual, leadership and organizational training programs to help your company build brand trust and engagement with your employees, while empowering them to deliver on your strategic objectives and drive business growth.

As our primary speaker, Julia is a dynamic powerhouse who not only captivates and engages her audience, but also spurs them to action. With years of experience in delivering corporate and community presentations, she is skilled in connecting with groups of all backgrounds.

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“Julia was incredibly helpful in pinpointing the steps I need to take in order to find better job opportunities and move up in my career. It’s necessary to understand what I really want to do and where I want to me and that meant taking a step back to put that into perspective which I haven’t actually taken much time to do. Being able to look back on our session is helpful as well. I will be putting into action everything Julia had said and hopefully will take the right steps in my career because of her.”

- Ashley P.


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