Hi, I’m Julia Rock!

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Hi, I’m Julia Rock!

I am the Founder and CEO of Rock Career Development. I started my boutique career services firm in Houston, Texas in 2013 after seeing the need in my community for career mentorship.

I’ve been working in Finance and helping others achieve their career goals since 2007 and I’m passionate about increasing Black and POC leadership in the workforce. Especially since Black people are 12% of the US population but only 3.2% of senior leadership roles in corporations. And this is NOT because we are less skilled or talented.

I’m no HR professional. I’m someone who has climbed the corporate ladder, been in in recruiting, made hiring decisions, and I’ve seen what works before AND after you get the job.


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Speaking & Training Focus Areas

We provide a suite of individual, leadership and organizational training programs to help your company build brand trust and engagement with
your employees, while empowering them to deliver on your strategic objectives and drive business growth.
As our primary speaker, Julia is a dynamic powerhouse who not only captivates and engages her audience,
but also spurs them to action. With years of experience in delivering corporate and community presentations,
she is skilled in connecting with groups of all backgrounds.

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Starting a New Career After

Starting A New Career After Sports…

Unstuck In
Your Career

Part of the reason you may be feeling…

Rock Your Resume


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Whether you’re moving ahead or changing career paths, let the Rock Your Resume: The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Six-Figure Resume course take your resume to the next level!

The Six-Figure Athlete

This personalized experience will focus on your unique needs and help you develop actionable strategies to define your next career chapter.

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