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"The advice Julia offered during my interview coaching sessions brought me better results than I ever would have anticipated, and far better than I could have achieved on my own." -Chevonne A.

Our Process

Experience The Rock Career Difference

No matter where you are in your career, we offer sliding-scale packages to give you the career mentorship that’s been missing by getting you positioned, packaged, and prepped for your next opportunity.


No more guesswork. We help you define your career path and goals by identifying your most marketable skills. You'll get a roadmap of the path leading straight towards your success, including how to stand out in a crowd.


The best resumes SELL, not tell. You'll get an optimized resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that show you to your best advantage. And you'll get a customized job search strategy designed to fast-track your results.


From mock interviews to salary negotiations, we give you the practice, feedback, and polish shown you need to stand out and succeed in every aspect of your career from your job search to workplace leadership.

"I did my own resume and applied for jobs online, but I didn’t get any responses. After purchasing a Cover Letter, Resume, and a LinkedIn package, I started job hunting again and almost every job I applied to called me back. "
-Darius C.

Writing services

Get Your Shine On.

Not getting called back when you apply? A great resume doesn’t just tell, it SELLS.

And these days, you don’t just need a resume. At Rock Career Development, we ensure that you get everything you need to market yourself as a stand out candidate:

  • Optimized resume
  • Stand out cover letter
  • Recruitment-ready LinkedIn profile

We’re experienced with helping you succeed, whether you’re an associate or part of the C-suite. With that in mind, packages are priced on a sliding scale, starting at $499.

Note: During the COVID-19, we’ve made a la carte writing services available.

Single strategy session

Get Strategic Support

Need a career strategy boost? You don’t have to go it alone.

A single session could shortcut your job search timeline, grab you an extra job offer, or an extra $10K in salary negotiations. Take advantage of our knowledge, experience and insight, sourced from years of navigating the corporate ladder.

Schedule a strategy session in the area of your choice for $199:

  • Job Search Strategy
  • Interview Coaching
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Executive Leadership
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution

Our signature service

Get All Packaged Up

Leave no part of your future to chance.

Our signature service takes you through our full process, supporting you from the moment you start looking for your next opportunity to after you get the job.


We will define the road to your success, including the exact job search strategy you need and how to stand out from your competition.


You’ll get our full package of writing services and interview prep and feedback, including simple scripts to ensure your success.


We prep you for salary negotiation so you leave nothing on the table,  and give you the insight you need to build relationships and execute like a boss on day one of your new opportunity.

Packages start at $1449.

Executive coaching

Get Leveled Up Leadership

Career development doesn’t end because you got the job or got promoted.

Too many clients claim their leadership position with out the support or direction they need to truly lead.

This is why we offer Leveled Up Leadership, a coaching package designed to help you stop thinking like a worker so you can execute like a boss.

Here, we lay the groundwork for the next level of your career by helping you navigate the workplace, so you can stand out at work and be seen for your contributions.

Packages start at $1599.