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At a certain point, basic career advice will only get you so far...

If you’re ready to make your next move after basketball, but don’t know where to start, sign up to join the Ball to Boardroom waitlist!

Ball to Boardroom is a 60-day coaching program designed for pro and student basketball athletes to help them successfully transition from player to professional. Whether you want a 9-5 or launch your own business, Ball to Boardroom will prepare you for the next chapter of your professional career.

In this program, you will learn how to:
You will also receive a complete document package, including a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so you can begin applying for opportunities immediately!
Finding a new career after sports doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Apply below to join the Ball to Boardroom program waitlist so you can get the action plan you need to secure the career you want!

Ready to Apply to Ball to Boardroom?

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