What Our Clients Are Saying...

Julia is a "Pro's Pro." I am a repeat offender using her services because of that. She understands the mentality of athletes and is able to give explainations and even critique in a way that we understand. Straight to the point and honest. There were times I asked one (in my mind) simple question and she took it somewhere I hadn't even thought about yet. What I appreciate is that she doesn't spoon-feed you the answers, but she challenges you to figure it out with her guidance. I am thankful I came across her. Her knowledge and energy is truly invaluable.
Sean J. McCaw
Former Professional Basketball Player

I was looking and applying for jobs for really the first time and had no idea what I was doing. Julia helped me focus, narrow down and create a path for the career I want. She provided me with invaluable help with my resume and along the interview process. I could not be more appreciative to this guidance.
Former Professional Basketball Player

The advice Julia offered during my interview coaching sessions brought me better results than I ever would have anticipated, and far better than I could have achieved on my own.
She absolutely delivers on her promise because she has a wealth of knowledge and cares about your success. I recommend her without reservations to anyone looking for unmatched career guidance.
Chevonne A.
Guest Experience Manager
After purchasing a Cover Letter, Resume, and a LinkedIn package, I started job hunting again and almost every job I applied to called me back. I have recommended RCD to my friends and family, and they’ve had similar results. I’ve been back multiple times over the past few years for new services, and Julia never disappoints. After working with her, I’m now part of the management team in one of the world’s leading retailers. RCD gets your foot in the door!
Darius C.
Operations Manager
The coaching that I received from Rock Career Development helped me to secure my dream role within a Fortune 100 company! I reached out to Julia as I was exiting my MBA program to assist in securing a role, as I was falling completely flat with the companies that I was interviewing with. Through her focused approach she quickly identified my key interviewing weaknesses, and utilized her proven methods to coach me and provide me with invaluable feedback. I'd urge anyone who is struggling on the job hunt to entrust the services and coaching at Rock Career Development to help you get to the next level!
John D.
Senior Digital Product Manager
I was ready to find a new career, and I worked with Rock Career Development to create a new resume. I thought my existing resume was good, but I was highly impressed at how Julia was able to succinctly capture my work and leadership experience. I used the improved resume to apply for a job with Accenture, and I was able to land an interview and get the job!
Russell C.
Business Development Manager
Julia has been instrumental in the growth and progression of my career. Thanks to her, I landed my first job making well above market rate in my field, and have gone on to work for 3 of the largest international corporations in my line of work, each position coming with a sizable increase in pay, full relocation packages, the works! My current resume is a testament to her work, and I have been offered numerous job opportunities because of her. To say that I recommend her services would be an understatement!
David D.
Program Manager
After relocating to Texas, I spent 2 years looking for a job in my industry and ended up settling for a position that was just enough to pay the bills. I discovered Rock Career Development, and reached out to Julia to design a new resume. Working with Julia was a pleasure, as she is not only knowledgeable and intelligent, but attentive and personable. Within just a few weeks I landed the job of my dreams. Since that time, my career has quickly accelerated, and I am now the Director of my own Public Relations agency!
Demia D.
Public Relations Director