Hi, I'm Julia Rock!

I am the Founder and CEO of Rock Career Development. I started my boutique career services firm in Houston, Texas in 2013 after seeing the need in my community for career mentorship.

I’ve been working in Finance and helping others achieve their career goals since 2007 and I’m passionate about increasing Black and POC leadership in the workforce. Especially since Black people are 12% of the US population but only 3.2% of senior leadership roles in corporations. And this is NOT because we are less skilled or talented.

I’m no HR professional. I’m someone who has climbed the corporate ladder, been in in recruiting, made hiring decisions, and I’ve seen what works before AND after you get the job. 

In my career, I’ve seen too many talented people be blocked from their success simply because they were kept ignorant and lacked support.

I want to give you and your organization the knowledge and tools needed to truly succeed.


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Focus Areas

We provide a suite of individual, leadership and organizational training programs to help your company build brand trust and
engagement with your employees, while empowering them to deliver on your strategic objectives and drive business growth.

As our primary speaker,  Julia is a dynamic powerhouse who not only captivates and engages her audience, but also spurs them to action. With years of experience in delivering corporate and community presentations, she is skilled in connecting with groups of all backgrounds.
Key topics include:

Employee Development

Career Navigation & Ownership

Achieving your full potential in an organization starts with your active involvement in defining your career goals and creating an executable action plan. We tailor workshops and training for employees to understand and activate their role in their own career development and long-term success.

Professional Development

We provide multi-faceted training opportunities to help employees develop essential skills to be effective in their roles, no matter the career level. Sample areas include: presentation and organizational communication skills, performance management, personal branding and impact, and change management.

Leadership Development

It's impossible to be a leader if no one is ready to follow. So whether you're a first time supervisor or a seasoned manager, our training curriculum is designed to help you learn how to motivate, engage, and inspire your teams to build alignment and drive execution of your organization's strategy.

Corporate Programs

Employee Coaching & Engagment

Your people are your greatest asset and will provide your highest rate of return. Our training curriculum will enable you to equip your employees with the tools, resources, and support they need to achieve their peak performance and engaged to pursue your company mission.

Inclusion Accountability

Stepping beyond diversity, we help you to take inclusion from buzzword to tangible framework. Whether you have existing programs or are starting at the very beginning, we can help you to develop strategies to facilitate a more inclusive workplace and company culture.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

From talent identification to onboarding to pipeline development, we help you to think beyond just filling open seats. We partner with you to design robust talent acquisition programs to ensure you can not only attract the world's top diverse talent, but also retain them. ​

" Working with RCD, I’ve held several different positions in my field, and I’m now part of the management team in one of the world’s leading retailers. RCD gets your foot in the door! Their services are well worth the investment and a small price to pay for your future." -Darius C.

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