It's time to step up and claim
your leadership.

You deserve to be seen as the expert you are in your field.

Rock Career Development provides the cheat code for
ambitious Black and POC professionals who are ready to
break through and achieve the next level in their corporate career.

"After falling flat with companies I was interviewing with, the coaching that I received from Rock Career Development helped me to secure my dream role within a Fortune 100 company!" -John D.

The Support you need to get

More Income. More Recognition. More Creative Control.

Whether you’re feeling stuck or just ready to level up at work, you might be wondering why you aren’t quite getting the traction you deserve.

The issue is NOT that you aren’t capable or valuable. It is that at the corporate-level, there is a bigger game being played around us that many people simply not aware of. And if you’re tired of watching others get ahead, it’s not your fault. Let me tell you why.

Here’s what some people learn about getting ahead at work that others don’t:

Even if you have an MBA, even if you have years of experience and results, when you are seeking corporate opportunities, you are up against other candidates who have been supported, groomed, and packaged to succeed.

At a certain level, simply submitting your resume is NOT enough.

Let Us Be Your Competitive Edge.

Hi, I'm Julia Rock.

Let me help you claim your next opportunity.

I’ve made my way in corporate over the last 13 years and have used that experience to help others by writing resumes that have successfully gotten clients their first six-figure opportunities. But I started noticing that for too many Black and POC professionals, a better resume wasn’t enough.

I had reached a point in my career where I was running recruiting at career fairs filled with Fortune 500 employers, and it was hard not to miss that some candidates came positionedpackaged, and prepared

And others did not.

So I founded Rock Career Development in 2013 to give professionals the competitive edge they need to get the opportunities they clearly deserve. Now I keep people professionally packaged so they can shortcut their way to their next opportunity.

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" Working with RCD, I’ve held several different positions in my field, and I’m now part of the management team in one of the world’s leading retailers. RCD gets your foot in the door! Their services are well worth the investment and a small price to pay for your future." -Darius C.


Experience The Rock Career Difference

Choose from a range of options designed to get you to the next level in your career.

Writing Services

This isn't your standard resume shop. From your cover letter to your LinkedIn, we package your experience and expertise to showcase your full value.

All Packaged Up

A fresh resume is just one piece of your career strategy. Our signature service has you fully supported from your job search and interview prep to salary negotiation and networking.

Leadership Coaching

Once you get the opportunity you set out for, we offer leadership coaching to ensure that you stop thinking like a worker bee and start thinking like a boss.