I help athletes translate their existing skills into high-paying and in-demand careers.

At a certain point, basic career advice will only get you so far...

Let me tell you a story…

I had spent years helping others get their professional polish while climbing my own corporate ladder, and had reached a point in my career where I was helping with recruiting and influencing hiring decisions.

This meant representing my company at job fairs and meeting hundreds of job seekers hungry for the next step of their future to fall into place. 

Now, most candidates had the basics down: workwear, cover letter, resume.

But consistently, I kept noticing the same thing:

Some candidates were really standing out! But others weren’t getting called back and couldn’t seem to figure out why.

It's time to hone your competitive edge. Your future depends on it.

Even at job fairs with Fortune 100 companies, I kept seeing the same mistakes in struggling candidates , from simple typos to not knowing exactly what to say.

And I get it.

Navigating your career, EVEN if you’re a seasoned professional, is hard. And for every call back you don’t get, it gets harder. Self-doubt creeps in.

But so many people follow basic career advice and get nowhere because without the insight of someone who’s been on the other side of the interview table, they have no idea what they’re up against. And how to really compete in today’s job market.

I started noticing what the standout candidates consistently had in common:

They knew what they wanted and had been positioned, packaged, and prepared for their next opportunity.

Many learned from having parents or mentors who were professionals. Their resumes sold their value. They seemed to know exactly what to say. It wasn’t uncommon for them to do the rare things that showed that they were willing to go the extra mile.

It was exactly the kind of training that wasn’t always readily available in my community or people who looked like me.

That's why I founded Rock Career Development.

To help Black and POC athletes find success beyond sports.

Our Process

Experience The Rock Career Difference

No matter where you are in your career, we offer sliding-scale packages to give you the career mentorship that’s been missing 
by getting you positioned, packaged, and prepped for your next opportunity.


No more guesswork. We help you define your career path and goals by identifying your most marketable skills. You'll get a roadmap of the path leading straight towards your success, including how to stand out in a crowd.


The best resumes SELL, not tell. You'll get an optimized resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that show you to your best advantage. And you'll get a customized job search strategy designed to fast-track your results.


From mock interviews to salary negotiations, we give you the practice, feedback, and polish shown you need to stand out and succeed in every aspect of your career from your job search to workplace leadership.

Our Clients Win.

Rock Career Development helped to restart my career! I had spent close to a decade in my career with no sign of promotion and I was frustrated that my career was at a dead end. After reaching out to Rock Career for a resume and cover letter makeover, my confidence and career took off in the right direction. I was called for several interviews and received the promotion I’ve been searching for within 6 months! She was professional and helped me land the job! I will definitely continue to use her services now and in the future!
April J.
I was ready to find a new career, and I worked with Rock Career Development to create a new resume. I thought my existing resume was good, but I was highly impressed at how Julia was able to succinctly capture my work and leadership experience. She eliminated the fluff and kept the focus on my accomplishments. In addition to content, she even did a spectacular job of formatting the resume! I used the improved resume to apply for a job with Accenture, and I was able to land an interview with them and get the job. I highly recommend Julia!
Isaiah C.

Hi, I'm Julia Rock!

Founder and CEO of Rock Career Development. I started my boutique career services firm in Houston, Texas in 2013 after seeing the need in my community for career mentorship.

I’ve been working in Finance and helping others achieve their career goals since 2007 and I’m passionate about increasing Black and POC leadership in the workforce. Especially since Black people are 12% of the US population but only 3.2% of senior leadership roles in corporations. And this is NOT because we are less skilled or talented.

I’m no HR professional. I’m someone who has climbed the corporate ladder, been in in recruiting, made hiring decisions, and I’ve seen what works before AND after you get the job. 

In my career, I’ve seen too many talented people be blocked from their success simply because they were kept ignorant and lacked support.

I want to give you and your organization the knowledge and tools needed to truly succeed.


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